Adult leagues start the week of January 2nd, most leagues run 12 weeks. Please arrive at least 15 minutes before the shooting start time of league. Shooting fees are $5 per week or $45 if paid in advance.

Advanced Youth League starts December 2, 2023. Youth League starts January 13, 2024. See below for times and costs.

Sunday Night — Traditional League

Shooting starts at 6:30 pm

Longbows or Recurve bows, with no sights or stabilizers allowed. We shoot regular animal round from 7, 10, 15, 20, 25, & 30 yards. After the break, we bring in 8 3D targets and shoot 1 arrow at each target from 15, 20, & 25 yards; minimum of 52 arrows.

Monday Night — Modified Flint Round

Shooting starts at 6:30 pm.

We shoot 4 arrows per target. Target distances are 30, 25 and 20 yards at the large flint target and 15, 10 and 7 yards shoot the small flint target, then a walk up with one arrow at 35, 30, 25, and 20 yards at the large flint target. These seven ends are a flint round; we shoot two rounds, take a 12-minute break, and shoot the final round for a total of 84 arrows for the match.  Shooting usually ends around 8:30pm.

Tuesday and Wednesday Night — Animal Target Leagues

Shooting starts at 6:30pm

We shoot target distances 7, 10 and 15 yards at the Rabbit & Duck and the 20, 25 and 30 yards we shoot the Boar, Coyote, Bobcat and Turkey. The shoot is open to Long bows, Recurve bows and Compound bow shooters. We shoot a total of 28 arrows, however if you miss target on your first arrow you get a second arrow at half the score.

Club opens 5:15-5:30pm, 15-minute halftime break around 7:10pm, and the shoot is done around 8:30pm.

Thursday Night — FITA, NFAA and MAA Target League

Shooting starts at 6:30pm

January we shoot the FITA 5-spot Target, February NFAA Target, and March MAA Target. 4 weeks of each target from the 20-yard line. FITA, NFAA & MAA we shoot 5 arrows then score, for a total of 60 arrows a night. Shooting usually ends at around 9:30pm.

Saturday Morning — Advanced Youth Archery

Shooting starts at 10am
Saturdays, December 2 thru April 7
Cost: $140

Advanced Youth Archery will follow the standards set forth in the USA Archery Safe Sport program. Goals include:

  • Promoting character building in student archers
  • Promoting ethical conservation practices
  • Instructing student archers to improve their archery skills
  • Certified Coaching
  • Supporting Instructors to assist in training
Contact Joan Schultes, jaschultes@yahoo.com or 616.890.0841
Saturday Afternoon — Youth League

Shooting 1pm to 3:00pm

We ask the parents or guardian to stay and help encourage the kids shooting. Muskegon Bowmen has bows and arrows for kids to use if they do not have their own. We have several people willing to help your child with shooting if asked. Youth league is for youth 17 years and under.

For more info, contact Shannon Kolka

Youth Archery Lessons
Basic and Advanced archery lessons are scheduled through Joan Schultes, jaschultes@yahoo.com or 616.890.0841. Lessons are open to any age. Younger children must have the ability to listen and follow instructions.

Beginner Lesson — $30 per hour
Advanced Lesson — $50 per hour


Monday Night — Broadhead League

Starts Monday June 5, 2023. League runs 12 weeks to mid-September.

Shooting starts at 6:30pm (shooting times will be earlier later in the summer.) Please arrive at least 15 minutes before shooting start time.

Shooting fees are $5 per week, or $45 for entire league. Youth shoot for half price. Any member can shoot.

What you will need:

  • Bow in good working order
  • Arrows, minimum of three (six recommended)
  • Broadheads fixed blade (you may use the fixed practice blades for your mechanical broadheads)
  • Quiver for your arrows and broadheads
  • A small brush (old toothbrush) and a towel used to clean arrow and broadheads
  • Masking tape to cover broadhead cuts in target
  • Markers for applying to broadhead to differentiate hits on target; three colors recommended and a pencil for keeping score
  • Recommended items list: insect repellent, small assortment of tools (Allen wrenches, pliers, screwdriver, broadhead wrench and supplies for minor in field repairs)
  • Fanny pack or pouch on quiver to carry your stuff in.

What we shoot:

  • 28 deer and bear corrugated cardboard silhouette targets
  • Targets suspended on wires with a sand mound or ground used as a backstop
  • Shoot from ground, elevated platforms, hills, and across water
  • Shooting distances are less than 35 yards
  • Shooting positions are varied and distances must be judged by shooter
  • Handicapped scoring

You do not have to have a team in advance, there are openings. Food and refreshments are available after shooting. Any member can shoot, we will find you a spot.