About Us

Mission Statement:

The Muskegon Bowmen Archery Club exists for the advancement and promotion of archery in accordance with the high spirit and honorable traditions of this most ancient sport. We are a self-maintained and self-funded not-for-profit archery club comprised of members who shoot traditional and compound bows.  Some shoot for the enjoyment of target shooting, while others like to increase their skills for hunting.


The Muskegon Bowmen Archery Club is affiliated with the following organizations:

We also actively support the annual Michigan Sportsmen for Youth Day.


The Muskegon Bowmen Archery Club began in 1937 when archers got together to pursue the sport of archery. This was also the first year of special archery deer season in Michigan. The club met and shot at many locations in Muskegon County before building their clubhouse on Central Road in the mid-1970s.

Many thousands of archers have shot with the Muskegon Bowmen Archery Club over the past 80+ years. The chartered purpose of the club is to encourage and support the ancient sport of archery—all types, traditional and compound, are enjoyed on a year-round basis at our indoor and outdoor ranges.

Club Facilities:

The Muskegon Bowmen Archery Club is situated on 50+ acres in Northern Muskegon County, and boasts some of the best shooting facilities available.


  • Broadhead Course — includes seven elevated shooting platforms and 28 targets of varying terrain, distances and shooting positions
  • Groomed Field Course — pavilion and 14 stations with distances ranging from 5 yards to 80 yards
  • Target Range  — well-kept targets from 15 to 80 yards
  • 3D Range — 30-target 3D range, when shoots are held


  • Main Indoor Range — full 18-lane, 40-yard range, offering space for winter leagues and open shooting
  • Bow Shop — equipment room with separate 6-lane, 20-yard indoor range
  • Clubhouse — modern clubhouse facilities, offering refreshments during shoots and special events


Muskegon Bowmen Archery Club offers many opportunities throughout the year for archers at all levels, beginner to advanced.

  • Muskegon Bowmen Youth Leagues
  • Target Leagues
  • Bow hunter leagues
  • Indoor and outdoor 3D shooting events

All archers are invited to join our club and participate in our leagues, fun shoots and competition events throughout the year.